On September 9,2020, the leaders of the research group of Ganzhou Municipal People’s Congress came to visit and inspect the company. The leaders of the company made a detailed introduction to the city leaders, and led the leaders of the delegation to go deep into the office area, sample display area, purification production workshop, laboratory, finished product warehouse, etc. Detailed understanding of American medical personnel management, standardized production, product quality and workflow.

In the office area, the leaders of the research group understand the company’s development process, various management systems and future planning and strategic direction, and give valuable suggestions and opinions to this end. We hope that American medical treatment can do a good job in the future and create “future health “. Adhere to the international, professional characteristics of development. Then, under the leadership of Chen, he came to our class 100,000 dust-free purification workshop for inspection. Chen explained the whole production process and production process to the leaders of the research group, and gave great approval to the production process and product quality. Spacious and research group leaders think. Under the leadership of the production director, we continued to visit the raw materials warehouse, packaging workshop, sterilization workshop and analytical workshop, the leaders saw what the process and strict inspection of the products.

After visiting the workshop, the research group leaders affirmed and reassured the American medical products. Ganzhou Beauty Quotient Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a key support and support industry in Ganzhou City, but also a designated unit for the purchase of medical device products in our city. The leaders of the research group hope that American businessmen will vigorously develop independent innovation, increase R & D investment, improve their independent innovation ability, and pay attention to the creation, protection and application of independent intellectual property rights. Before the end of the inspection, the leaders exchanged views with General Chen of American businessmen, and hoped that American businessmen would continue to enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises, give play to their advantages, enhance their position in the industry, promote regional economic development and be able to make better achievements in the medical industry.

Post time: Apr-01-2021