In Beijing International Medical Device Exhibition 2020

Medical protective clothing, surgical clothing, isolation clothing, medical surgical masks and other medical supplies and sanitary materials produced by Ganzhou Beauty Quotient Medical Technology Co., Ltd. were presented at the Beijing International Medical Devices Exhibition held in China International Exhibition Center from September 23 to 25,2020. Beijing International Medical Devices Exhibition covers all products including medical supplies and sanitary materials, inspection equipment and diagnostic reagents, and medical information technology. It directly and comprehensively serves the medical device industry from source to terminal. Each session of 30000 hospital buyers and dealers from more than 20 countries, agents gather the exhibition site transactions, exchanges.

Ganzhou Beauty Quotient Medical Technology Co., Ltd. as a research and development, production and sales in one of the entire industrial chain of medical equipment high-tech enterprises, since its establishment, adhere to the international, professional characteristics of the development road. From medical grade protective clothing, surgical clothing, medical surgical masks to promote product upgrading, industry innovation and development as their own responsibility. From production to sales, strict implementation of passenger flow, logistics diversion management, safe and clean production, thorough sterilization, advanced automatic testing test to ensure the quality of products safe and reliable, for hospitals, dealers, agents to provide reliable medical supplies from the source to the terminal industry chain comprehensive services.

Ganzhou Beauty Quotient Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has built 4000 square meters of clean and standardized factory in Xinfeng County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, which meets the production requirements of medical devices. It has warehouse, testing and experimental facilities, disinfection and protection facilities for personnel, automatic production line. It can produce medical protective clothing, medical surgical clothing, medical isolation clothing, medical surgical masks, disposable medical masks and daily protective masks, KN95 dust masks and other products that meet the national standards. It can provide various requirements and categories of protective equipment for hospital surgical care and ordinary people’s protection.

Ganzhou Beauty Quotient Medical Technology Co., Ltd. insists on devoting itself to the cause of health, creating “future health “, establishing intelligent industrial system, realizing the coverage of all products from raw materials, industrial chain, manufacturing, sales and consumers, starting from the bottom, planning the health prevention of all mankind. Further activate the whole ecology of medical industry, through the layout of health industry chain, integrate the resources of manufacturers, promote the medical and health industry ecology with user as the core, health as the carrier, quality as the basis and intelligent medical treatment as the direction. Using big data technology to build a health management platform, including working with wearable device manufacturers, medical institutions, government health departments and other cooperation to build a health management system, to achieve a change in the role from treatment to prevention.
Ganzhou Beauty Quotient Medical Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely invites all units in the medical industry and practitioners to visit!

Opening hours :23-25 September 2020
Exhibition venue: China International Exhibition Centre
6 Bei San Huan Dong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Post time: Apr-01-2021