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Disposable Medicalprotective Coverall
1. Good barrier
2. Hot air adhesive strip
3. Technical requirements for disposable protective coverall for medical use
Applicable scenarios
It is suitable for medical staff to contact with potentially infectious patients' blood, body fluids, secretions and particles in the air during work to provide barrier and protection.

Medical Surgical Gown,Medical Isolationgown
1. Composite product of spunbonded and molten spray
2. High strength and filtration can be good
3. Do not contain adhesive, non-toxic

Disposable Medical Mask
Compsition of product structure
1. The first layer175 25g hydrophilic non-woven fabric, width 195mm
2. The second layer 25g fusible spray cloth, width 195mm
3. The third layer 25g water-repellent non-woven cloth, width 175mm

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Disposable Surgical Mask
1. Three layers of protection
2. Preventing droplets
3. Filtering bacteria
3 Ply Protection
Leak Proof Non-Woven Fabric (New Non-woven Fabric)
Effectively inhibit and isolate Harmful Particles and Gases
High Density Filter Layer (Fine Melt-blown No-woven Fabric)
Great Contact Skin Layer (New-woven Fabric)
Moisture- proof, Breathable, Non-toxic, Non-stimulation, Soft and Skin-friendly

Disposable Children Hygiene Mask
5.Comfortable to wear